Genset Komatsu EGS 380

Genset Komatsu EGS 380

Prime Power 350 kVA / 280 kVA
Standby Power385 / 308 kVA
Rated Voltage 24 V
Rpm1500 Rpm
Dimension3000 x 1100 x 1560 (mm)
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  • High Quality, Reliability and Durability
  • High Output and Low Fuel Consumption
  • Light Weight and Compact Design
  • Low Noise and Low Vibration
EGS series generator sets have a compact and intelligent generator control module, which provides all the safety protections and its window display both the AC and DC digital measurements.
  • Easy Maintenance : Minimize control components and wirings
  • High Durability : 16-bit microprocessor technology in printed circuit board
  • Easy Recognition clear icon based language free can identify engine status more directly
  • Built-in AMF Function : Auto-start/stop when main failure occured
The control panel will automatically shut down the generator set when fault occured, then indicating the failure and providing audible alarm.

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