Spesifikasi Forklift Toyota Kap. 1 - 3.5

Spesifikasi Utama Forklift Toyota FGZN/FDZN 2.0 to 3.0

Model Engine Model Load Capacity (kg) Load Center (mm) Overall Width A (mm) Turning Rasius(outside) B (mm) Overhead Guard Height C (mm) Length to Fork Face D (mm)
1DZ-II Diesel
4Y Gasoline
2,000 500 1,150 2,200 2,130 2,570
1DZ-II Diesel
4Y Gasoline
2,500 500 1,150 2,260 2,130 2,650
1DZ-II, 2z
3,000 500 1,255 2,400 2,195 2,770

Engine Specications

Piston Displacement (cc) 2,486
Rated Power/r.p.m. (kW) 35/2,200
Rated Torque/r.p.m. (N-m) 156/2,100

Piston Displacement (cc) 2,237
Rated Power/r.p.m. (kW) 30/2,000
Rated Torque/r.p.m. (N-m) 153/1,600


We bring to you the FGZN/FDZN Series, which continues the
tradition of quality cultivated over the more than
50 years of history of Toyota forklift.


The FGZN/FDZN Series of
engine-powered forklifts
continues the tradition of hight
quality of with reliable components.
We’re supporting your operations
with durable, hight quality
products that you can use
whenever you want.

High qulity Key Components

Active on the front lines of your site and available
for use whenever you want!
A Toyota built engine is installed, demonstratinng good performance quickly
when the ignition key is turned on. This provides rapid response and high
work efficiency for your opertions.

Active at a variety of worksites with excllent durability and reliability
The dependable components enable the operator to accomplish
transportation, load handling, unloading and other tasks just as intended,
and deliver stable performance even over many hours of operating.


a new body design continuing Toyota’s safety concepts enhances lateral stability
through measures such as the addition of a damper to the rear axle.

Stable Design for the vehicle body

The use of a rear axle damper helps ensure lateral
stability and supports safe operation.

Load handling Feature

Key-lift Interlock

When the key is switched off the forks do not descend even if the loading handling levers are operated. This can help prevent accidents caused by unintended operation by someone other than the operator.

Outstanding Visibility

Lattice design Headguard

The headguard uses a latice design that combines outstanding upward visibility and strength.

Operator Presence Sensing System (Option)

OPS Feature

The OPS system uses a switch sensor built into the ORS seat to detect the presence of the operator. If the operator is not in the normal operating position, travel power is interrupted and load-handling operations are stopped. When the OPS controller detects that the seat switch is off, an audible alarm (beep) will sound and the OPS indicator light will turn on.

Leak-lock System

A check valve in the control valve reduces the amount of spontaneous fork descent and forward tilt. This feature is installed when the OPS system is selected.


The FGZN/FDZN series continues Toyota’s operator-friendly design concepts, helping to reduce operator fatigue and contributing to comfortable operation.
Small-diameter Steering Wheel

The small-diameter steering wheel teams up with the full hydraulic power steering system to provide excellent maneuverability. The steering column offers stepless adjustment to accommodate a wide range of operator preferences.

Large Assist Grip (Option)

The large assist grip (350 mm) offers easy use for operators of almost all sizes.

Spacious Operator Area

The design of the headguard and the seat that is adjustable forward and backward achieve a roomy space for the operator.

Excellent Forward Visibility

The angled lower stay ensures a good view of the fork tips, which makes it easier to insert forks into the pallet on the ground.

Combination Meter

This combination meter includes a water-temperature indicator, fuel meter, hour meter, engine oil-temperature warning, and other indicators, making it easy to check the state of the forklift.

Double-action Parking Brake

The double-action parking brake is easy and convenient to use.


The FGZN/FDZN series of engine-powered forklifts help achieve easy maintenance through simple design.

The angled lower stay ensures a good view of the fork tips, which makes it easier to insert forks into the pallet on the ground.

Engine Hood

The angled lower stay ensures a good view of the fork tips, which makes it easier to insert forks into the pallet on the ground.


The FGZN/FDZN series designed for low noise and low vibration makes your worksite more comfortable.

Low-noise and Low-vibration Design
The Toyota-built engine and the floating design for the engine mounting achieve low levels of noise and vibration.
Easy-down System
When the forks are lowered, this system controls the speed of descent before the forks touch the ground, dramatically reducing the noise of landing.



Continuing Toyota’s environmental-conservation concepts, the FGZN/FDZN series uses lead-free paint and plating free of hexavalent chromium, thereby contributing to the reduction of environmental impact and protection of the global environment.

Jual Forklift Toyota FDZN/FGZN 2 sampai 3 ton

Forklift Toyota FGZN/FDZN adalah Truk angkat angkut brand besar otomotif Toyota begitupun peralatan Material Handling, Toyota mengklaim sebagai produk nomer satu di dunia.

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